Sobre Fátima Citas y Prensa

“What takes place is magic, a demonstration of extraordinary talent, devotion, professionalism and, above all, a uniqueness so extreme that it defies all classification (…) the fabulous way she uses her voice, adopting the essence of techniques learnt from different cultures and traditions to turn her voiceinto something absolutely miraculous. (…) she is also a giant on the stage. (…)

The stage animal within reveals itself and drags the whole audience along with it by means of the sovereignty (…) and all of it marvellous, ingenious, brilliant, erudite, coarse and elegant. (…)Leaves you breathless (…) a dada register in which Fátima’s comic talent drags the listener to the edge of a precipice of laughter and tears. (…) She is a sublime artist (…)

These days, the opportunity to become spellbound is a real gift”.

Jorge Fernández Guerra «Doce Notas»

«Les figures féminines qu’elles évoquent tout au long de ses créations sont tour à tour sensuelles, amoureuses, intérieures, grandioses, joueuses, inspirées, spirituelles mais aussi démoniaques, furieuses, criardes… Muses, pythies et sorcières tout à la fois dont le chant se caractérise bien souvent (…), par des mélopées intemporelles, des matières organiques et des sonorités fluides».

Christine Esclapez «Ecos de una voz nómada»

“An astonishing performance of Spanish vocal artist Fátima Miranda. Today, she belongs, along with Meredith Monk, Diamanda Galás, Iva Bittova and Sussan Deyhim, to a small elite of ladies whose daring vocal acrobatics have given a new meaning to “singing” (…) Her records are actually nothing compared to what she accomplishes on stage. She (…) immediately showed that avant-garde can be quite accessible and even funny. Miranda successfully manages to overcome the limitations of language.(…) After the performance everybody agreed: the Spanish vocal artist was the revelation of Vooruit Geluid«.

Rock De Morgen, Concert at Vooruit Geluid, Gante

“Fátima es respetada por los más exigentes compositores cultos. Es cantante, pero lo suyo va más allá del canto. Hace performance pero lo supera y lo combina con otras disciplinas. Hace investigaciones y video, hace muchas cosas pero, finalmente, compone poemas sonoros, literatura expandida”.

José Luis Paredes citado por Alonso Arreola «La jornada semanal»

“Em Cantos Robados, Fátima Miranda parece materializar o sonho do Teatro da Crueldade de Artaud, (…) Sua performance nos lembra da “beleza mágica dos costumes modelados segundo padrões dos rituais” (…) Enfim, o sonho de Artaud, embebido nas tradições orientais (…) ela própria encarnando uma figura arquetípica de vários metros de altura, desenhando o espaço com os sons singulares de sua voz (…) na região agudíssima dos harmônicos».

Wânia Storolli  «Além das Palavras: Artaud e a arte de Fátima Miranda”

“Spanish Miranda’s (…) voice ascended from the deep towards some incredibly high flute-tones (…) amazing body control which makes the voice, theatre and dance into one complete expression in Miranda’s work (…) The ideas, the virtuosity and the points were overwhelmingly amusing (…) But such high-spirited vocal fireworks have I never either seen or heard similar to”.

Astrid Kvalbein «Dagsavisen»

«(…) Her work is so dazzlingly original (…) The outpouring of uniqueness leaves you astounded. Fátima Miranda (…) a veritable genius of the stage (…) those that have attended will be able to remember it just like those who treasure their memory of being present at a concert by Callas, Oum Kalsoum, Édith Piaf or Janis Joplin (…) Miranda has cracked the secret of managing to not seem like anyone else (…) An artist with solid conceptual training (…) singing that borders from a blues tribute to a dada register in which Fátima’s comic talent drags the listener to the edge of a precipice of laughter and tears. (…) The stage animal within (…) possesses inexhaustible skills (…) a spark of humour that creates high-voltage complicity with the audience (…) has created a unique stage alchemy».

Jorge Fernández Guerra «Doce Notas»

“Is it a wasp? Is it a whale? No, it is the Spanish singer and performance artist Fátima Miranda whom with her tremendous roller coaster of a voice creates the most incredible sounds (…) brings associations to other lands and kingdoms, (…)and that, without saying a single word in any comprehensible language. It is deeply fascinating(…) something unique (…) mysterious and at the same time mesmerizing, carried out by an artist who mastersthe art of conveyance and by a singer who seemingly knows no boundaries«.

Inger Merete Hobbelstad «Dagbladet»

«Setembro. Madrid,. La Noche en Blanco… Milhões de pessoas vagueiam pelas ruas como formigas. Templo de Debod… começa a chover. Um cenário quase sagrado. Uma voz inumana e hipnótica agarra uma multidão que não arreda pé apesar do dilúvio. Fátima Miranda continua estoicamente na luta contra a chuva e o vento… Uma hora depois nós não somos os mesmos…».

Miguel Matos «Umbigo Magazine»