• The focus of these Workshops is fundamentally practical and they include a general theoretical and technical introduction.

  • The duration of these Workshops is flexible. They can last as long as desired and the number of students and hours will be determined in each case depending on the organizer’s requirements.

  • Tailor-made workshops organized by the Fátima Miranda Studio are available to art centres, organizations and private groups on request (please write to

  • On various occasions in the year 12-hour workshops for 10 participants will be held in Madrid.

  • The difference between the COURSES (which combine theory, technique and practice and in which skills related to various aspects of the vocal tract are provided), and the WORKSHOPS, is that in the latter the subjects are not dealt with in great depth, nor are participants provided with workout routines and sets of exercises for mastering vocal tract mechanisms or specific muscular development. However, In each individual presentation and in the general introduction, technical questions do indeed appear, are outlined and orientation is given.


  • The first session of the workshop provides a general theoretical-technical introduction so that when technical matters are broached subsequently during individual interventions, participants will be familiar with them and find them helpful for their future personal practice.

  • Participants will sing together in group exercises and improvisations following a set of precise guidelines provided by the teacher.

  • Individual attention will be given to the participants who wish for it. Each of them will perform a song (either traditional or original), a text or an individual vocal rendition in order to raise questions about their personal interests in relation to their vocal practice or to a work already in process.

  • The effect that derives from the attention that the other students pay to the solo presentations while observing and taking notes of the orientation, guidelines and tips that the teacher gives to the “soloist”,  is very significant.

  • Each performance will be re-worked by the teacher who will point out the key factors to which each student should pay particular attention (posture, vocal gesture, breathing, articulation, tuning, resonators, etc.). In this manner, students will be able to realize which areas of technique they need to pursue further, how they may optimize their vocal resources and their conceptual and performative approaches in their individual presentations.


  • The workshops are aimed at people interested in a mindful and unprejudiced vocal practice, whether for the mere pleasure of singing, exploring and experimenting with the voice in order to enrich the creative or vital process, as well as for an interest focused on professional, theatrical, performative, poetic or pedagogical musical practice.

  • Group numbers will be limited in order to facilitate both individual and group work.

  • The workshop is open to all levels of training or vocal experience.


  • Liberate and reCreate the voice using self-release, intuition and experimentation -without prejudice or fear- as a starting point.

  • Increase the vocal, musical, poetic and performative potential of each participant by means of an exploration -and not a mere imitation- of traditional, atypical or invented vocal sounds that seeks to turn them into something new and personal.

  • Group exercises and improvisations are proposed using the premises of “mindful play”, some with rules and others without, with the aim of enhancing concentration, musicality, sense of rhythm, imagination, disinhibition, grace and a language of one’s own in which the seriousness of a systematic work is allied with ease, freedom and a sense of humour.

  • Increase students’ self-confidence in their inner authenticity.

  • Help students to identify their aptitudes and limits as well as their bad vocal, respiratory, postural habits, etc., thus becoming aware of the need to correct them and of the benefits of regular practice.

  • To arrive to understand ear training and breathing training as fundamentals of singing, speech and any vocal emission.

  • Encourage students to develop their own work methods according to their interests, qualities, tastes and natures and to understand the importance of a mindful practice, both to lose the fear of damaging the vocal tract, and to effectively avoid damaging it, and to stimulate creativity by combining experimentation , game, chance, repetition and rigour.

  • Awaken in the students the pleasure of singing and get them to identify the feeling of creative enthusiasm.


Centre of Madrid, in the area of La Latina
Sol / Tirso de Molina / Latina / Lavapiés


Fee: 180€
Payment method: bank transfer

Payee: M.R.F. Miranda Regojo
Bank Account: ES2014650100911728312690
Payment details: Your Name. Workshop (month)