Works aCuerdas

aCuerdas is a duet for voice and hurdy gurdy. These nomadic instruments, freed/redeemed and reinvented through Orients and Occidents, through genres, styles, ancestral oralities and age-old traditions, here follow their own path in fertile dialogue, offering us an other taste, other way of listening… of feeling.

The voice of Fátima Miranda is closely tied to deep registers from antiquity and her research has led her to discover more and more voices of the voice, covering a range of over four octaves. Meanwhile, Marc Egea’s hurdy gurdy, coming out of its historic refuge as an accompanying instrument, has flown in the face of its thousand-year existence in the West to bring forth sounds never before heard.

In aCuerdas, the extended technique applied to the hurdy gurdy and voice, instruments at once archaic and ultramodern, dissolves the borders between composition, improvisation and experimentation.

The rigorous training of both musicians affords them the gift of a freedom and lightness exempt of all artifice as well as the virtue of re-creating and inventing, transcending sources and transforming all that baggage of genres, styles, cultures and eras into something that’s finally new and always resolutely avant-garde.

The imagination and creative strength of these two daring musicians allows them to fearlessly make associations between popular and experimental music, which undoubtedly contributes to subverting and enriching the listening of the initiated and uninitiated alike. This is why their music, while surprising, seems familiar and touches us.

In aCuerdas intimate constraint and extroversion coexist, the dramaturgy evolving across various atmospheres (ritual, intimate, melancholic, cheerful and crazy) that harmonize the everyday and the sublime, leading us to an imaginative, critical vision of reality with a certain dose of poetry and humour that always offers us healthy ground for reflection.

One can be sure that the music of this uchronic duo will amaze and never leave you indifferent.