Proposals Concerts in Duo

aCuerdas (voice and hurdy-gurdy)

perVERSIONS (voice and piano)

The musical and dramaturgical language of the performance art-concerts in duo is no different than that of the solo concerts. True to Fátima Miranda’s poetics, both are built around various movements in which the intimate and the extroverted alternate. Ritualistic, melancholic, joyous and mad atmospheres follow each other closely, harmonizing the quotidian and the sublime, the sacred and the profane, with a finely-tuned, transgressive and healthy humor, achieving an elegant and meaningful result.

As in the solos, perVERSIONS and aCuerdas rely on a carefully thought-out and Spartan scenic environment. On stage in one case, a singer and a pianist. In the other, a singer and a hurdy-gurdy player. As always, the stage area is austere, having no merely decorative or narrative elements. A refined lighting design and, in the case of perVERSIONS, an interaction with the images of the distinguished photographer, Chema Madoz, projected onto something akin to floating lace curtains. In complicity with Fátima, both instrumentalists become performance artists offering us in these duos a very thought-provoking evening which distills play, humor and poetry.

Miguel Ángel Alonso Mirón at the piano and Marc Egea on the hurdy-gurdy, both virtuoso, classically-trained musicians, daring and rigorous, do not think of their instruments as mere accompaniment to the voice. Instead, they emerge as experimental and multi-timbral, reinvented through a secular background of genres and styles, becoming transformed, finally, into something new and engaged with the avant-garde. Associations between the popular, the classical and the experimental contribute to the destabilizing and enriching of how both the initiated and the uninitiated listen. Thus, even though it seems surprising to us, their music also seems familiar and moving.

Photo: © Juanjo Delgado (sup), © Armando Neves (inf)



  • Duration: app. 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Build-up, sound and lighting checks will take place the day before the concert.
  • Both concerts require black box stage areas. perVERSIONS requires a proscenium width of 10 meters and stage depth of 9 meters minimum. aCuerdas requires a proscenium width of 6 meters minimum, optimal 10 meters, and a minimum distance of 6 meters, optimal 9 meters, between proscenium and back wall.
  • The crew of perVERSIONS includes 5 individual (2 musicians, sound technician, projection technician/stage manager and lighting technician). The crew of aCuerdas includes 4 individuals (2 musicians, sound technician and lighting technician).

Photo: © Juanjo Delgado (sup), © Armando Neves (inf)



  • Both concerts are available in a chamber version for reduced-size spaces or, in the case of aCuerdas, for non-theatrical spaces and/or with a reduced lighting design.
  • The chamber version of perVERSIONS can dispense with projections and projectionist. This version of aCuerdas can dispense with one of the two technicians and the black box requirement.
  • The chamber version of aCuerdas can be performed without amplification only if the space in which it is to be presented has excellent acoustic properties, with a long and brillant reverberation. In this case, the sound technician can be dispensed with.
  • The chamber version of aCuerdas can be performed with basic lighting equipment. In this case it will not be necessary to bring the company’s lighting technician, a technician provided by the venue being sufficient. In this case, the venue will provide a lighting technician with theatrical experience to whom detailed instructions will be given concerning levels, cues and the design to be executed. This option will only be possible if the build-up and checks can take place the day before the concert.
  • When the day prior to a non-amplified chamber version of aCuerdas is not available for build-up and check, the company will provide its own lighting technician.
  • The build-up and sound and lighting checks for the chamber version of perVERSIONS will take up the whole day prior to the concert. For aCuerdas it will take between 5 and 10 hours, depending on whether the day prior to the concert is available and whether or not the concert will use amplification.