Works Introduction

All things lead to the same and single essence… Coming and Going. Those who listen to this concert say that their imagination travels to Africa, to Japan, to India, to the sea, to the forest, to a temple, to a market or to an electronic music studio. Why not?. From a deliberate position of rupture, combining oriental and occidental techniques and vocal resources of her own invention, Fátima uses her voice as a wind and percussion instrument, and lavishes us with unusual acrobatics, on a range of four octaves, with multiphonic sounds and with and fascinating shapings of breath that surpass the limits of what is possible, going from the most transparent and angelical string of voice to the most savage cry, diffusing the boundaries between singing, poetry, theater, composition, improvisation and interpretation.

Her concerts-performance present a single voice supported by an important and refined poetic, gestual, visual, dramatic and humoristic component, enough to touch the deepest in us.

Thanks to this richness and the impressive scenic presence of Fátima Miranda, the repertory of her programmes can be adapted according to each context and site specific project (music, contemporary art, theater, performance art, video art, sound installation, sound poetry, Orient-Occident, Mediterranean culture, world music, improvised music, a capella recitals in churches, museums, art galleries, etc) as well as updated with her latest works.

A brief and general idea of these concerts can be gleaned in this Teaser, which contains excerpts from all of them.